‘Involuntary’, by Reuben Östlund

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February 20, 2013 by Me and My Monkeys

The key message of Reuben Östlund’s Involuntary is that meaning and morality are complex and relative.

What is true? What is dangerous? What is the right course of action? What is the appropriate emotional response?

As part of the audience, we are right in the thick of these moral, emotional and epistemological dilemmas.

Just like the camera, which views over shoulders, around corners and via reflections, we never see the whole picture and can’t pick right from wrong. We want to ask someone what our reaction should be. We want to ask Östlund what the answer is. Should we laugh or cry?

Underpinning this collection of beautifully shot story-lines is an exposé of our collective susceptibility to groupthink. Is truth just what most people agree on?

Involuntary is a very intelligent and perfectly executed film…

But that’s my opinion. If all my friends think otherwise, I am likely to change my mind.

Recommended? Yes.

Out of 10? 9. Yes 9.

My monkeys suggest:

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